Sterling Christian School

Welcome to Sterling Christian School

Sterling Christian School was originally created in 1978 to provide quality Christian Education to the Sterling Christian Community. SCS exists because godly men and women who love the Lord and are called and qualified to teach. "... that in all things He might have the preeminence." (Colossians 1:18b)

It is the mission of Sterling Christian School to provide the Christian family with Christ-centered educational experiences emphasizing the development of Christian character, educational excellence and preparation for a lifetime of service to God and man.

While evangelism is certainly an important part of Christian education, it is not the primary mission for which SCS exists. The primary mission of SCS is to train and equip Christian young people to live in the world in such a way as to bring honor to their Lord and Savior in all that they do and say as they seek to do His will. SCS thus selects curricula and teaching staff that seeks to prepare your child(ren) for college or whatever he/she chooses to pursue and to develop those qualities which will bring honor to Christ.

Christian Schools Help Kids Grow We face a significant decision when considering the foundation of our children's education. We want to protect them from the perils that choke out an interest in learning.

We want to provide them with a safe and fertile haven where they can be rooted in firm, unchanging truths, where they can grow tall and strong in knowledge and confidence, where they are encouraged to branch out into all of God's wonders that interest them and where they can mature into happy, productive individuals fully expressing the potential we see in them.

Christian schools help children grow by showering them with the individual attention and specific help they need to have an exciting time learning, and by providing a climate in which poor behavior is consistently corrected and fruitful behavior is gladly encouraged.

For the children we so dearly cherish, it is important that we provide the best learning environment possible. Christian schools help kids grow!

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